Hen adoption

What’s entailed in rescuing Cape Town battery hens?

Firstly and most importantly: A big THANK YOU for just being on this page!

This entire site is working towards a dream and having you visit us is already a part of making that dream a reality.

Anticipated costs

  • R38-R45 To buy each chicken from the farm. (paid when you collect your chicken)
  • Chicken coop (house) + run vs Aviary
  • Food & (possibly Grit)
  • Deep food bowls (or 1 Litre yoghurt containers strapped to cage work nicely too as this helps prevent the hens from scratching the food all over the floor
  • Straw
  • Poultry water feeder – Perky Pets Tokai (or can be homemade)
  • Water bill (spraying area clean)
  • Health costs: Please note: Fowl pow is a possible risk
    Common health maintenance includes:
    Parasites, Deworming, Lice.
    The hens will have received vaccinations as part of the commercial farming practices so this is not a necessary expense.
  • Contingency budget for unexpected visits to the VET

Adoption steps

  • Step 1: Agree to Term and Conditions:
    We are an advice website & cannot accept liability for the 3rd person contact that you are put in touch with.
    The 3rd party contact will usually bring a few extra hens so that you can choose from the best ‘pickings’.
    Neither ourselves or 3rd parties can be held liable for the health/mortality each rescued hen.
  • Step 2: Ensure you’ve read our battery hen rescue and chicken care information page
  • Step 3: Ensure you’ve read our frequently asked questions page
  • Step 4:¬†Contact us by e-mail & attach a picture of your backyard / hen coop area.
    We aim to respond by email between 5 working days.
  • Step 5: If your hen living area is adequate, we’ll put you in touch with a contact so you can directly liaise & arrange collection/delivery.
    Communication/timeline/logistics happens directly with The 3rd party on WhatsApp/SMS.

    Your adoption options:
    1. Collect your hens from 3rd party contact in Kraaifontein area.

    2. You can arrange delivery
    R50 base service fee
    + R1 /km roundtrip
    + R38-ish / hen

    Our contact worked with us for the last 6 months before we ended our hands on adoption operations and helped us greatly in obtaining hens which appear stronger which greatly improves mortality rates for adopters.

    Ideally the hens selected for you to adopt will be filtered to omit:
    inflamed vents, fowl pox lesions, underweight and limp/lame hens.

  • Step 4: Send us success story photies and keep in touch so that we can share everyone’s learning with future adopters.