Contact us

Please ensure that you visit our Frequently Asked Questions  page before you contact us for advice.

Please do not contact us for the following:

  1. To ask where you can buy chickens to sell.
  2. To ask for the cull farm’s details.
    Going to the cull farm directly is waste of your time
    and you’ll only save about R7 / hen whilst losing hours of your time.You may also come home empty handed or be ripped off if you buy from the middle men who have come out of the farm with hens they’ve just bought.

Hen Adoption:
Please ensure that you have read our hen adoption page before you contact us for hen adoption.

I have completed Steps 1-3 on the hen adoption page:
Great, you can email us on, attach a photo of your backyard/hen area and we’ll put you in contact with a person who goes to the cull farm daily and queues for hours to buy chickens.

Communication/timeline/logistics happens directly on WhatsApp/SMS.

1. Collect your hens from Kraaifontein area.
2. Arrange delivery (R50 base service fee + R1 /km rountrip + R38/hen)

Our contact worked with us for the last 6 months before we ended our hands on adoption operations and helped us obtain hens which appear stronger which greatly improves mortality rates for adopters.

Ideally the following hens will should be selected for you to adopt:
inflamed vents, fowl pox lesions, underweight and limp/lame hens.